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Tier 1 Athletic Performance


Sports Specific Youth Training

Improve Your Athletic Performance

                                                   with Physical Fitness                                          

Prepare yourself for strenuous athletic activity or design a weight loss program with help from the office of Dr. Mark  L. May.At our multi-purpose chiropractic center, we perform Physical fitness assessments and determine needs analysis in combination with VO2 max testing to ensure that your body is ready for long and hard training. The analysis determines the development of a program specifically designed to an athlete's needs. Dr. May assesses speed, agility and quickness, along with the level of functional strength, competency of movement mechanics, and metabolic demands of the activity.  Additionally, chiropractic treatment is provided to help naturally cure aches and pains. Raise your endurance with physical fitness performance from our chiropractic center in Westmont, Illinois.

Chiropractic Treatment for Pain
You receive a physical examination that is a combination of orthopedic, neurological, muscle balance evaluation, chiropractic and acupuncture disciplines. We also offer nutritional counseling and supplementation from Ortho Molecular Products to access vitamin store through this link use this access code May98501 to optimize your health along with many alternative health programs to provide you with a total wellness package.  Utilize this link and review all products by condition or ingredients. Go to their home page, click on the products tab, choose the black triangle for either condition or ingredients, choose your interest and click the Go button. Each product will have short explanation for its use. You can use the contact  Dr. Mark May section at the top of each page and order or ask questions and Dr. Mark will return your email to facilitate your request. 

Human Performance and Physical Fitness
The office of Dr. Mark  L. May does Titleist Performance Institute Assessments that provide us with comprehensive and scientific findings for athletes of all ages in any field. Dr. May has adapted the 11 point Titleist assessment for all sporting activities to identify athletic deficiencies and muscle coordination problems to improve your abilities. Strength and Conditioning Specialist are there to improve fitness and performance. Dr. May works with all forms of extreme fitness and performance training levels from: Team doctor for Top Notch MMA fighters, Marathon and Ironman participants, Track & Field participants, football, basketball, tennis, baseball and kids programs. Being a high level performer in many of these disciplines, Dr. May brings an insight to goal orientation and achievement.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relax and relieve stress with our deep tissue massage for either 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions. Performed by a State of Illinois licensed massage therapist.

We first do lymphatic massage, followed up with:
            • Deep Tissue
            • Infrared Light Therapy
            • Electrical Modalities
            • Hydro-Massage Therapy (Membership Basis)
         Benefits of massage therapy include:
     • Adhesion Shattering
     • Range of Motion Improvement
     • Injury Repair
     • Circulation improvement

Sports Specific Training: Tier 1 Athletic Performance

Dr. Mark May along with his staff at Tier 1 Athletic Performance trains youth athletes to improve their sports performance. Tier 1 Athletic Performance provies programming based on individual sport, proper nutritional requirements, and medical oversight. The overall goal of Tier 1 is to develop a highly conditioned athlete to improve their sports performance.


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